Business Counseling

We realize that as a business owner you would rather focus on growing your business than addressing potential legal issues, reviewing contracts, or implementing policies or procedures.  While some companies have in-house attorneys to handle these matters, not everyone has the ability or desire to have a lawyer on the payroll full time.  That is where we can help.  

At Welock Law, our business is protecting your business.  Through a comprehensive, personal approach, we partner with our clients to learn how their businesses operate, what their goals and sensitivities are, and to identify potential risks. This knowledge allows us to serve as “outside general counsel” and to provide business counseling services on various operational and risk matters.  Some of the things we help clients with are:

  • contract negotiations and reviewing agreements with vendors, customers and other entities
  • creating company forms such as credit applications, sales agreements and purchase orders
  • drafting and implementing company policies and handbooks, including non-competition agreements and social media policies
  • addressing potential employment issues
  • protecting copyright and trademark rights
  • responding to data security, non-disclosure and confidentiality issues
  • handling past due accounts
  • dealing with landlord/tenant disputes
  • advising on other business related matters